What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy has been experienced for over 1000 years. Massage Therapy is a manual rubbing of body tissues like muscle, ligaments, etc. to improve the health and growth of a person. It also involves working on the body with pressure using hands, knees, elbows, fingers, forearm or any device. There are around 80 types of massages available, among which some are soft and gentle while some are intense. Based on your need and purpose behind the massage, you can choose which type of massage therapy you want. For example, some massage therapies are simply for relaxation while some therapies are associated with particular health condition. Also, some massage therapist use oil or lotion, while some use any other device like stones.

Why Massage Therapy? The studies have shown that, one session of Massage Therapy can decrease blood pressure, anxiety and a series of sessions can help to decrease depression, pain and related health conditions. It regulates your blood flow and relieve muscle fatigue and restores regular joint movement. Massage Therapy also works on fractures and dislocations of bones. One can opt for a Massage during Sports training, stress management, and even during Pregnancy and for Labor support. Is Massage Therapy Safe? If you are going for a massage under well-trained massage therapist, then massage is safe. But, a non-therapist or an unexperienced massage therapist can cause some trouble. Massage therapy is suitable for people of any age and sex, including infants, children and elderly.
But massage therapists do consider few things like, if you are pregnant, infant, athlete, etc. It is always recommended to talk to your doctor before undergoing any massage, if you are suffering from any bleeding disorder or have a clot in vein or you have any open wounds or injuries or bruises.