What companies should know about quality assurance guidelines and criteria

For companies that have implemented Call Quality Assurance programs, it is important that companies also have guidelines and criteria on quality assurance monitoring. Basically guidelines on quality assurance monitoring specify the different criteria quality assurance reviewers and specialists will use in determining whether or not a call center agent decently demonstrated a certain skill when transacting with a customer. These guidelines also indicate what sections of the quality assurance evaluation forms the specialist should use when giving scores to the various aspects of the interaction between the call center agent and the customer.

The criteria on quality assurance monitoring define questions, skills and sections that are well-captured in the Call Center QA evaluation forms. These criteria describe how certain skills should be attested to by call center agents so that the quality assurance reviewers know the best ways of objectively evaluating and scoring an interaction between an agent and a customer. For example, where questions on the QA evaluation forms are intended to establish whether an agent initiated resonance with a customer, it is important that the criteria should define what it means to build resonance with a customer. This could be addressing a customer by their name throughout the chat session or call and acknowledging events (such as birthdays, anniversaries and vacation plans) that customers mentioned during the call. One thing to understand is that defining the meaning of creating resonance or rapport with a customer does not mean copying what other companies are doing because two similar companies will have very different definitions. While there are companies that will require their call center agents to call customers by their names, others will insist that agents should use titles followed by the customer’s last name. The criteria, therefore, should reflect on which questions and sections in the Call QA evaluation forms should be used when scoring different call elements. click here for more information about Call Center Quality Assurance click here for more information about Call Center Quality Assurance