Tangkasnet – play and earn bonus online

Fielding the ball is an exciting online game which can give you opportunity to earn online money within a very quick time. It is extremely easy to play this game online. If you have some cash in hand you can use that cash to earn more in future.

How to play: • First you have to open the website online. • Then you have to register the money. The minimum amount of depositing is Rs. 50000. • After depositing the money you need to give your some of the necessary personal details. • You will then confirm your deposit and thus you will be able to start the game. • Every time you log in you have to pay fresh. With that money you will be able to play in future and earn excess amount of money in the game. Win bonus in Tangkasnet: When you are depositing your hard earned money in the game you will surely want to win a lot from it. By the help of the bonus point it will be easier for you to do so. In Tangkasnet you will get a huge chance to win the bonus amount in each and every part of the game. If you can avail that you will be able to earn handsome amount of money. The money will be much more than what you have deposited first. The bonus amount varies from 500c to 3000c which will get increased as you progress in the game. Download the game: There is also the chance to download the game and play. You will get the option of downloading the game for free of cost and then play it. So, if you like the game you can download it online and play online and win maximum amount of money. Overall it can surely be said that fielding balls free download can surely be extremely interesting for you because you can earn bonus amount from this. click here to get more information agen 88tangkas (88tangkas agent).