Stars Offering Luxury Watches As Presents

On the world of the wealthy and well-known, high-end watches, are not difficult presents to give. It appears it's become almost standard for stars to present each other high end Replica Watches at any point within the initial month or two, even in their relationship. Seemingly, spending thousands and at times tens of 1000s of dollars on a watch to get a comparatively new girlfriend or boyfriend is really all not bad in Hollywood.

The ironic thing is the fact that when wealthy folks and other wealthy folks date, there almost appears to be rivalry in who is able to purchase in and who what one upping each other's purchases. For instance, John Mayer appears to function as king of shopping for when I am not mistaken, the exact same Rolex, and Rolex watches for his girlfriends. He purchased both Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston gold Rolex watches. Jessica Simpson was given a Rolex Datejust Jubilee Men's Watch with the Oyster Bracelet by Mayer. When he dated Jennifer (the whole relationship lasted just four months!) He gave her a Ladies Oyster Datejust with pink hour mark and black face.

 The one girlfriend who came preceding to these two but who walked with nothing was Cameron Diaz. In her situation, Cameron is not very incapable of buying jewelry watch or another form of women's high-end watch, or herself a Rolex. So is Aniston. Actually, she appears to really have a weakness for Cartier watches. She's been seen wearing a Cartier Tank Chinoise a Cartier Tank Louis, and a Cartier Roadster, among other classic cartier replica watch. This past summer the rumor factory started again that because Jen was seen wearing the Rolex Mayer had given her, it meant she was looking to send messages that she wished to rekindle their love affair to him. Fat chance. She must have the ability to appreciate it as long as the memories of the ex-husband do not destroy the moment, if your woman is provided a fine watch or ring or handbag. Due to their substantial income, stars like Aniston would not ever need to offer an item for example a high-end watch. Nevertheless, Jessica Simpson, whose career (not to mention private life) is fighting, may prefer to consider parting with all the Rolex from Mayer; she could likely get more for it being that Mayer gave it to her. Did Tony Romo give her anything?