Pega CRM - How It Can Benefit Your Organization

pega may benefit your organization if correctly used. A proper implementation of a CRM Workflow can result in the following advantages: A transparent way of handling service requests, pre-sales information requests and direct generation. You may track each service request and proactively deal with any problems that may happen, before they escalate to problems eg. Handling times, prices, SLA's

Extensive reporting attracted from data recorded in this application. Which are the most often asked questions. Which products demand the maximum customer service. Improved strategic decision making capability depending upon the extensive reporting available. Change FAQ on the website, make modifications to this user manual, alter provider or provide your support staff better instruction. Modification and improvement of current procedures. Where there have been service escalations, it is possible to lookup the procedure history and adapt, alter and improve your customer interaction based upon the problem that happened. You can apply the Deming Cycle of Plan, Do, Check, Act. Customer comments. When a service request was finished and closed, it is possible to survey your customers about the experience they had with your product and/or service. This feedback may be utilized to improve your products and service much more. Multi channel assistance. All contacts may be registered and stored in the CRM application. Reduction in administrative jobs. Certain tasks like sending emails using status notifications, calculating repair times and guarantee type decisions could be automated within Pega, thereby decreasing administrative workloads.