Net worth of skateboarder Aaron kyro

Are you interested in knowing who Aaron Kyro is and what is his net worth? Aaron kyro is the professional skateboarder and he is best known for setting up the YouTube channel named Braille skateboarding. He is famous for his YouTube channel where he uploaded the step wise tutorial to learn skateboard. His videos helped him to attract three million subscribers. He does the charity work and helped to build skate parks as well as supported aspiring skaters.

Skateboarder Aaron Kyro net worth as per early source of 2018 is estimated to be 2 million dollars. This net worth was earned through his successful YouTube channel. His exposure increased through his website which helped him to gain various opportunities. He launched his own online educational center and written work aimed to help aspiring skateboarders present all around the world. It is expected that while he will continue his career his wealth will increase further. Bio of skateboarder Aaron kyro Aaron was born in Denver Colorado, USA in 1983 on September 10. According to lots of websites he is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. He is slim build and has brown hairs as well as green eyes. Aaron begins to love skating when he was nine and since then he never stopped skating. After matriculation from the high school, he went college for a year and learned how to do editing of the videos as well as find the sponsor for his projects. At first he made numerous videos but he was unable to get much success.
After creation of his YouTube channel he got success as his videos gone viral on YouTube quickly and attracted many skaters. Skaters all over the world appreciated him and he then he started to upload tutorials video on YouTube. About his marriage- Aaron dated Danielle and then married her since 2010. The couple met each other at scientology course class. They live in the San Francisco, California.