Meet the legendary Beam Saw the 10-15” Big Foot.

Hello Fellas, today we are going to introduce you to a website more preciously an organisation that which is a big shot in hardware tools development industry. If you are looking for a chainsaw or a beam saw then you came at right place because big foot saws is the god of saw development industry. In today’s article we will describe more about big foot saw’s most selling product, the legendary big foot 10-1/4” Worm Drive beam saw, keep reading to know more.

Big foot is a traditional a saw making company rooted by farmers and carpenters, our saws are famous for their quality, performance, durability and easy to use light design. Originally all the workers in big foot were farmers or carpenters. Hard Working skills runs through their blood veins, this is the reason why we know what professional workers truly need and after 27 years of research and development we finally came with a beam cutting saw that made a revolution in the market. The 10-1/4” Beam saw was originally designed for cutting 2 plates in one pass with an easy push but it can easily cut 4 plates in one pass. High quality Dimond cut aluminium blades are rotated at high speed with a powerful motor that can cut any material like a piece of cake. When cutting at 90-degree angle, this saw can cut to a depth of 3-7/8” and at 45-degree it cuts up to 2-3/4”. By making a perfect balance between thin kerf and straight cutting motion we made a saw that is light yet powerful enough to cut any material with very high accuracy, which mean quality job at very less time. With an interactive customer service and such optimum level products like beam saw we are the best company in market for hardware tools. Click here for more information beam saw for sale