Exclusive promotional video production

Generally people skip to show interest on various new brands unless being well aware of the brand. Public talk, Pamphlets is promotional ideas of the past but promotion can be much highlighted through films and this can grip audience attention within less time. Video production company London has come up with a solution for this by providing the customers with satisfactory results. Projects undertook from client like United International College-an English school in London made this company adorns a higher position in the video production area. This project is centric about highlighting the school extraordinary facilities and social environment where students can achieve their learning goals. This film is shot in London for about two full days and four days edit which had covered the elements like different facilities offered by UIC and also about home stay facility to students. Fly creative in collaboration with ID Arena had teamed up and produced a number of creative videos for the UIC company website and sent them to agents requesting for educational packs.

“Signature Airlines” is a promotional film which is shot for seven days and had ten days edit. Signature is the World’s leading and largest fixed base operation network for business aviation and has been serving luxury jet owners. This film brought out the detailed picture of customer services and communication offered by Signature to their customers worldwide. Video production company London had done a special project given by the client Age UK.

 This is filmed for about a day as people interrupted by gathering all around to see who would be next into the snow globe. This is considered as an incredible and humble project by them and they felt happy that they took part in the “No one should have no one at Christmas campaign”. For more information please visit video production london.