All about the James Bond movies

James Bond movies are a very famous movie series based on suspense. It is basically a story of a spy who faces different difficulties and enemies in his way. The main character of this movie series is known as James Bond, and the movies are famous because of his strong character. The writer of games Bond series is a very famous novelist and journalist Ian Fleming. He is also the creator of the central character of James Bond novels as well as movie series. James Bond is a fictional character who serves as a secret agent at MI6. This character is said to be portrayed in almost twenty-six movies by different actors.

As there is a large number of James Bond series, people often find it difficult to spot them. For their ease, the list of James Bond Movies is easily available online. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the James Bond movies that its lover must know: • It is a 53-year-old franchise, and the character of James Bond is played by seven different actors. • The gun which the James Bond uses is of the same model by which the Hitler shot himself • During the career of James Bond, he has been shot nearly 5000 times. • This movie is the most popular spy film in the world • James Bond movie has its novel as well as video game version. • The James Bond was originally made for the purpose of a stage musical. All of the James Bond movies are a creation of Eon productions except two of them. But now the eon productions hold all the rights of James Bond movies. For people who are a great fan of the James Bond and wish to watch all of the movies. They can easily order the James Bond box set online which contains almost all the collection of James Bond movies.