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A student’s life is dedicated to learning. But, many a time the math and science problem do not yield to the students in an easy manner and may even lead the students to score lower grades. This is however not something that any student will want. Most of the time the students head to their professors for help but if you are given a take home test the professor may just tell you that the solution to the given problem is wrong. They may not tell you at what step you went wrong or how can you solve it the right way. This could be done by the professor to push the student o strive harder to get the right answer but that may sometime cause the student to drift away from the studies thinking that they are not capable of pursuing further. This is the reason that course hero has garnered so much of attention of both the students as well as the professors.

What is course hero? Course is one of the many websites that have made the life of a student easy by providing them step by step solution to the problems especially pertaining to math and science. The website has been developed in order to help students get the solution and the logic behind the solution right so that they can apply similar methods during exams and score better. What is the reaction of the professors? Some of the professors are already aware about such websites and are even a part of them. However, there are many who have no clue about what is course hero. When these professors were told about this and other such websites their instant reaction was that this kind of help will make the students lazy but for passing the exam they have to use their wits.