3DS Emulator is the modern way to play Nintendo games

Nintendo has always captured us with their amazing play station console and games. Who can forget the old version of Mario which came as a surprise and enchanted us? Nintendo is ever increasing on their quality and newer games that are more thrilling and challenging are being introduced by them. 3ds emulator is the new software from Nintendo and it is invented for people who love to play games on computers. However, those who prefer the old method of playing on consoles need not be disappointed because 3DS Emulator can be connected to any type of game operator.

3DS emulator is compatible withwindows7 x86, Mac OSX and Windows7 x64. The functions are set in a way to make operation easy to get the best results. Another interesting feature is that you can save the game you are playing and start a new game, and continue the game you had been playing later on. Though the graphic credit cards you use are a deciding factor of the quality, the software comes to you filtered by anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic. HD high quality can be played with 1080 r and the software is compatible with almost all 3D games available. All the classic NES games can be played on the powerful Nintendo 3DS. If you are on the lookout for interesting and new games the first thing to do is ensure you have a genuine R4i Gold card just for Nintendo 3DS system. There are a lot of fake cards in the market so make sure you have the real one. When you have got the card and micro sd card you can log on to the official website. In the download section of r4i gold websitemany types of the firmware can be seen and you can easily download the newest one.